Psi X is a solar system located in the bar of the Ashe Galaxy. Psi X, the star the system is named after, is a G-Type star.

Please note that most of the realistic information will be left out of these as I determine the values.

The following lists all terrestrial (rocky) planets and their locations:

  • Taton [Inner Orbit Alpha, Close to Psi X]
  • Garzan [Inner Orbit Beta, Between Taton and Aria]
  • Aria [Inner Orbit Gamma, Habitable, Between Garzan and Mana]
  • Mana [Inner Orbit Delta, Between Aria and the Frost Line]
  • Poota [Outer Orbit Omega, Farthest from star, marks end of solar system]

The following lists all gaseous (giant fart balls (LOL)) planets and their locations:

  • Vegas [Outer Orbit Phi, Between Frost Line and Sega]
  • Sega [Outer Orbit Chi, Between Vegas and Quia]
  • Quia [Outer Orbit Psi, Between Sega and Poota]