The following wiki page describes multiple terms used on the wiki. It is recommended you read as much of this as possible.

Terms referring to celestial bodiesEdit

  • Galactic Cluster Layers (GCLs) are large groups of galactic clusters seperated into layers. The three GCLs are: the Upper Galaxies, the Central Galaxies, and the Lower Galaxies.
  • A galactic cluster refers to a large clump, or "cluster", of galaxies.
  • A galaxy is a celestial body composed of multiple stars and their orbiting planets. Some galaxies have black holes at their center.
  • A solar system is a collection of planets orbiting at least one star.

Terms referring to non-celestial bodiesEdit

  • A planet is a large, usually spherical body comprised of multiple elements.
    • Terrestrial planets are largely comprised of rocky elements.
    • Gaseous planets are largely comprised of elements that are usually gaseous on Earth.
  • When talking about a planet, the "species" is the dominating, sentient race of creatures inhabiting the planet.
    • Bipedal species have two legs.
    • Tripedal species have three legs.
    • Quapedal species have four legs.
    • Pentapedal species have five legs.
    • Hexapedal species have six legs.
    • So on and so forth.

Meta relations to termsEdit

  • The three GCLs are created by the creator of Alterna. They cannot be deleted, and you cannot create more.
  • Galactic clusters can be created by users and contain the galaxies made by other users.
  • Galaxies are created by users and can have arbitrary rules or units (such as how time is measured interstellarily) used in that galaxy, or even a galactic government. Other users can create solar systems in galaxies made by others.
  • Solar systems are created by users. Unlike galaxies, solar systems are wholly owned by the users that created them. Others cannot create planets inside the solar systems of others.

Other Things Edit

  • Like Star Wars, "Basic" is the same thing as "English".